Каждый ребенок особенный,
каждая минута жизни – ценность,
каждая мечта – важна


Учитель английского языка, методист дошкольного отделения

Dear parents,
My name is Reema and I will be your child’s native English methodologist and teacher. I was born and raised in Jordan, where English as a language was influencing me since childhood. At school, I studied the British curriculum, and then I graduated from the University of Jordan with Bachelor’s degree in Languages. Since 2015, I have resided in Moscow, where I obtained my MA in applied and theoretical linguistics in 2017, and my certificate in TEFL/TESOL in August 2021. A part of my future vision is to get more certificates, to get more inspiration, and to keep learning.
I have taught Very Young Learners for the last five years, which is more than a job for me. It has become a passion, and I adore what I do. Teaching language and providing everyday life guidance to young learners became the source of my happiness and enjoyment as I spend time with them!
I hope the future will provide opportunities for us to meet and further enhance our mutual responsibilities towards our young learners.

With warm regards,
Ms. Reema

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